Before I came to EF, I didn’t know I could learn English like this. I can learn English easily and happily. I love teachers in EF, they are easygoing and patient.Interest is the best motivation for me to learn English. EF applies games and stories to attract us and makes the class active.Hope I can gain more knowledge and communicate with foreigners soon.

自从到EF学习英语后才知道,学英语还能这样学,可以学得这么轻松,这么快乐, 我十分喜欢EF老师,喜欢她们平易近人,耐心细致。学习的最大动力来自于兴趣,EF英语教学采用的做游戏,讲故事的方式,引起了我们浓厚的兴趣,上课气氛也很活跃。希望我在EF的学习能有大收获,早日能用英语和外国朋友交流!