Hello, my name is Jiang yinuo, my English name is Annie,I am confident, outgoing, I like gu zheng, of course, I like English best.My confidence comes from EF, learning English in EF lets me communicate with foreign teachers fluently in native English.My foreign teachers and English teachers at school are surprised by my courage and fluent English. My English teacher did a grammar test for me individually in the office, I could answer questions without any hitch, my classmates admire me. Teachers and classmates asked me where I learn English, I told them loudly that I learn English in EF. In EF, what I learn is not only knowledge but confidence and happiness. Thank you for the help of EF teachers, you just like the wings during my growth that let me fly higher. If you want to be as good as me, just come to EF!

大家好,我叫蒋依诺,英文名叫Annie。 我自信、活泼开朗,喜欢古筝,当然,最喜欢的是英语。我在英语方面的自信来源于EF英孚学校,在英孚学习英语后,我可以用纯正的英语和我们学校的外教流利的交流。我的胆量和流利的英语让外教、英语老师们惊讶不已。英语老师还叫我到办公室单独让我测语法,我都对答如流;同学们对我更是羡慕嫉妒恨啊。老师和同学们都问我在哪学的英语,我骄傲的告诉他们我是在EF英孚学校学习的。在英孚我收获的不仅是知识,还有自信和快乐。感谢英孚的老师对我的帮助,他们就像我成长中的翅膀,让我能飞得更高更远。如果你也想和我一样,就和我一起到英孚去学习吧!