Hello, I am Hu Zhenghao, my English name is Jerry. I am a bright and active boy. But when I came to EF, I was a cry baby, mention this, I still feel embarrassed . At that time, I thought everything is strange and unfamiliar, I hoped my father could be together with me, but when class began, I forget everything because there were many funny games in class, teachers and classmates were all great. Eventually I became the assistant to the teacher. I want to learn English in EF forever and be more capable. EF, I love you!

大家好,我叫胡正昊,英文名是Jerry,我是个阳光活泼的小男孩,不过,三年前我刚来EF的时候可是个“爱哭鬼”,说起这个,还觉得怪不好意思的呢。刚来EF时,我觉得一切都是这么陌生,一直想要爸爸陪,可是一上课,我就忘了一切,课堂上总是会有好玩的游戏,老师同学都非常好,不久之后我就成了老师的小助手呢。我想要一直在EF快乐的学习下去,变得越来越能干!EF, I love you!