Hello everyone, I am Zheng Zhiyin, my English name is Lany. I am 15 years old, I have been in EF more than one year. I feel happy that I can study in EF, the environment and atmosphere here are great,

Although I have been here one year, I learned a lot in EF. I know a lot of grammar, more vocabularies and know how to communicate with foreigners better.

I was shy when I came to EF. I couldn’t understand what  the foreign teacher said, I didn’t know how to communicate with her and I didn’t talk to classmates.During that time, I thought I learned nothing. But after that, I accepted the learning style, tried to chat with classmates and asked teachers questions, I tried to talk to foreign teacher. Now I can answers all questions in class fluently. EF is a harmonious  family, I hope I can learn more knowledge in the future.

Hello, 大家好,我是郑智音,英文名叫Lany。 我今年15岁,在英孚学习一年多。很高兴在英孚学习,这里有很好的环境和学习氛围。